Visconti Press Releases


Visconti Press Releases



It is a pleasure to announce Visconti has been chosen as official partner to celebrate at the same time both the HM Queen Elizabeth II 60° Anniversary Diamond Jubilee and the 175° Anniversary of the Army & Navy Club.

Army & Navy club is the most prestigious, ancient and exclusive club in London founded in 1837 by Lieutenant General Sir Edward Barnes.

The club has its headquarters in London, Washington DC and New York.


•Limited Edition Fountain Pen:
600 Pieces in royal purple colour and platinum plated trims.
Enriched with dedicated band and decorated with the reproduction of the royal crown.
This beautiful Fountain Pen is offered with the Visconti exclusive unique most precious nib: the famous 23Kt Pd dream touch nib.

•Limited Edition Fountain Pen:
600 Pieces in imperial ruby colour and gold plated trims.
Enriched with dedicated band and decorated with the reproduction of the royal crown.
This beautiful Fountain Pen is offered with the Visconti exclusive unique most precious nib: the famous 23Kt Pd dream touch nib.

•Regular Edition Roller Ball Pen:
Especially created from Visconti with a beautiful royal purple material enriched with some platinum dust inside.
Dedicate platinum plated band.

•Regular Edition Roller Ball Pen:
Especially created from Visconti with a beautiful imperial ruby colour material enriched with some gold dust inside.
Dedicate gold plated band.

Queens Diamond Jubilee Pen by Visconti


Visconti is proud of the huge range of its collections from 100 euro to 1000 euro characterized from a large variety of shapes.
If Rembrandt is the entry level model, and it is a round pen lightly ogival, Opera is the - already famous - squaring of the circle; Divina has a really particular design on a pentagonal base.
About the Michelangelo, it fills the gap in the range of prices between the Rembrandt and the Homo sapiens. In order to develop this collection we were inspired by ancient Greece with an extremely elegant shape, as difficult to realize, as much to represent a must of stylographic art.
Thanks to our technicians and to a new technology that we just set up, we were able to realize a faceted shape composed by 36 sides (within the cap and the barrel), tapered on the two extremities. Michelangelo is probably the first pen realized with 36 faces that makes it looks like more as a diamond than to a writing object: the value of a diamond, after the weighing in carats, is in fact due to the quality cut and the number of faces.
Just rotate the pen in your hands to realize it!
Visconti, the more innovative pens’ company of the world, could not create a new model without adding even two ulterior technical and aesthetical motifs: the magnetic closing, and the band with double incision. It is sufficient to post the cap that you will feel, the perfect clip, the strain and the security of the magnetic locking system that was further improved.
The band has a decorative design of a double Greek key composed by the V of extraordinary elegance of the Visconti brand.
At the end the two colours are classic but elegant: with black we had combined a plum colour bronze trims, absolutely innovative and very elegant indeed, while at the blue-black colour (like the one of the ink) we have combined the palladium trims!

Material: Natural resin
Colours: black/bronze blue-black/ palladium
Nib: Gold 14kt F / M / B
Filling System: converter
Locking System: magnetic
Band: double Greek key engraved
Models: Fountain pen, roller – ball, ballpoint, fountain roller and pencil


Herodotus used to call the nomadic tribes wandering the steppes east of the Ural mountains and the Caspian Sea (in nowadays Kazakhstan territory) ‘griffins - treasurers of the gold ‘. And he was not wrong at all, considering that the fifth century BC mysterious prince Saka has been discovered in his tomb completely covered in gold clothes.

The Golden Man, a dark-identity armed warrior used to adorn himself with thousands of jewels- gems and gold- representing leopards, ibex, winged horses and floral motifs – evidence of the animalistic art used by these nomads, rulers of the Asian steppes, to convey their emotions and their view of the world.

Visconti’ s intention was to create a wonderful pen inspired by the myth of the Golden Man that proposed the same motifs of the Scythian art. We have therefore transposed the Golden Man inspiration into a collection fountain pen in which our skilled goldsmiths have artistically reproduced the magic of the mysterious warrior.

The original colours and naturalistic symbols of the pen will convey to you the same emotions as those of the antique tribes that clothed their princes in solid gold! Add to that the fact that although the tribes inhabited distant lands they reached Europe in their migrations during the fall of the Roman Empire, you will also feel to have contributed to the European Middle Ages history just like the Scythians did.


Visconti Pens The Golden man HRH


Visconti Homo sapiens (lava pen)

More than five thousand years ago with the invention of writing the pre-history of the human kind ceases and Homo Sapiens marks the eve of human history. The same age discovers the metallurgy, thus allowing the civilization of metals to sign the beginning of human evolution all the way to the invention of the wheel. The first great civilizations arose on the Nile, Tigris and Euphrates river banks and soon led to the development of sciences like algebra, geometry, astronomy, engineering.

Visconti conceived the Homo Sapiens writing instruments line for real writers, for those to whom the fountain pen continues to represent a travelling mate, a daily friend to share with the same civilization that writing contributed to create.

The material in this pen is as antique as the world: lava from the Etna volcano. Nevertheless, it has several characteristics that render it unique in the manufacturing of writing instruments. Visconti has successfully produced a material containing over 50% of pure basaltic lava, catalysed together with resin in a formula – patented thus obviously kept secret -whose extraordinary characteristics practically transforms it into a material perfectly fit to writing instruments.

Visconti lava pens are:


Virtually unbreakable: It has a high degree of resilience.

Flameproof - Visconti lava has a resistance to heat of over 100°C.

Slightly hygroscopic, allowing to absorb hand sweat during use.

Dense at touch, allowing the best finger-relaxing grip.

Unquestionably new in the range of materials employed in the making of fountain pens.

Inspiration was drawn from the Bronze Age for all metallic parts. The Bronze Age, almost contemporary to the invention of writing, marked the eve of human civilization. The clip, the rings and the metal accessories -with the exception of the piston only- are all in bronze: natural bronze like the antique formula, that does not require plating or protection treatments which alter its original almost pink colour and which can be easily polished with special products.

The charging high vacuum power filler is made of titanium, the only material resistant to ink aggression.



The 23 ct 950 Palladium DREAMTOUCH Nib

visconti Palladium 23kt nib


With Homo Sapiens Visconti introduces the first ever made 23 ct 950 palladium Dreamtouch nib.

Dreamtouch is the term we coined to define a nib that requires no pressure whatsoever in order to write, it traces in a gentle way thoughts and words for a dream handwriting.

Palladium has interesting physical features that allow the production of fountain pen nibs; its manufacturing is possible nowadays thanks to new metal-fusion technologies and to the welding of iridium tips. This metal has been the fundamental element in 1989’s Pons and Fleischmann cold fusion theory.

The international classification system lists only four precious metals and their related titles: platinum, palladium, gold and silver.

Value: the 23 ct 950/1000 palladium nib is the highest value ever manufactured nib in the fountain pen history. In other words, it contains 95% pure palladium against 75% pure gold in the 18 ct nib and 58% gold in the 14 ct nib.

Flexibility and Memory: are the best for any type of writing, enhanced of 30% compared to the same nib in 18 ct gold.

Resistance to ink corrosion has been improved up to 100% thanks to the pureness of the material to an extent to which no protection treatment of the plating is needed.

Originality: the palladium nib will render even more exclusive your Visconti, either as a collection piece or as a daily use fountain pen.

We think of Homo Sapiens as a fountain pen that can bring to mind a time-frame: starting from lava as generating materia, passing through bronze - recalling the beginning of the act of writing , and ending with palladium – the metal of the future and of the cold fusion.

Technical Characteristics:

Homo Sapiens Bronze


Collection: 23 ct 950 Palladium Dreamtouch nib fountain pen; roller ball; ballpoint and pencil

Material: Basaltic Lava from the Etna Volcano

Nib: 23 ct 950 Palladium Dreamtouch nib

Metallic parts: 100% bronze

Filling System: high vacuum power filler

Roller ball recommended refills: A 40

Ballpoint recommended refills: A 38, A49

Packaging: Visconti pen case with polishing cloth


Homo Sapiens Calligraphy Set (Exclusive to Harrods)!


23 ct 950 Palladium Nib -Demo Set for Best Dealers

De Luxe Calligraphy Set in maple wood of Size 25x 35 cm


1 fountain pen, 1 roller ball, 1 ballpoint all with 4 rings in Silver925

5 23 ct 950 Palladium Nib for writing test different in broadness: XF/M/B/BB/S 1.3

1 nib change tool

6 inkwells of different colours: black, blue, red, sepia, green, turquoise

6 gel refill of different colours: black, blue, red, sepia, green, turquoise

1 blotting paper set

1 polishing cloth

1 pen testing paper block cm 15x 21

1 writing pad

1 magnetic sleeve in lava



The fountain pen that will sign the world to be

visconti divina G8 pen 

The 2009 G8 Summit takes place at L’Aquila from July 8th to July 10th .

Italy, this year holding the turn presidency of the G8, is hosting the Annual Summit of the world Leaders the main and most visible event of the G8 process otherwise stretching along the entire year with ministerial briefings and high charges meetings.

The Italian Government has chosen the Divina Black fountain pen as complimentary state gift for the sixty attendants. Due to the high importance of this event, the summit has opened to other countries that together account for almost 80% of the world economy, therefore the present G8 can actually be considered a G14.

After Nato-Russia Summit in 2002 and the European Constitution in 2004, Visconti will represent once more the official signing pen of the final protocols of the 2009 G8 Summit. The fountain pens have been personalized with the initials of the presidents and prime ministers attending the Summit.

Visconti is proud to be for the third time the protagonist of an event of such great international resonance.


Visconti has decided to remember the 2009 G8 Summit with a dedicated limited edition fountain pen that proposes the fountain pen gifted to the big of the world on the occasion of the G8 Summit.

Divina G8 Limited Edition is personalized with an engraved metallic ring dedicated to the event, the cap enamelled with the Italian flag and an exclusive packaging.

The most important difference between the gifted pens at the G8 Summit and this limited edition is that the initials engraved on the clip will be yours and not those of the powerful leaders of the world!

Divina G8 is a limited edition to 2009 pieces

Divina G8 is in black lucite and 925 silver

Divina G8 has the Visconti Pull & Turn filling system

Divina G8 writes with a 14 kt gold nib



Visconti Divina Proporzione

Divina Proporzione, one of the most representative fountain pens in the world pen panorama, was introduced by Visconti on the occasion of The Cannes Film Festival on May 2006.

The limited collection has arisen global success up to a point to which the limited edition is now entirely sold out. More than 2000 pens in silver and gold sold out- this is an achievement that no one had predicted, and also a proof that the public of the five continents reserved a wide appreciation to this exceptional fountain pen.

To the numbers cited above we would like to remember as well the fortunate buyers of the Divina Proporzione HRH paved with over 6 ct of diamonds.

Using the little material left, Visconti has decided to produce Divina Proporzione ballpoint as perfect complement of the already sold fountain pens, and due to this fact the production is limited to around 600 pieces.

We apologize with those pen lovers that will not be able to buy the perfect mate for their precious fountain pen!

Divina Proporzione ball point

Material: celluloid

Metal parts: Silver AG925

Packaging: briar wood pencase

Production: limited to 600 pieces not numbered


Visconti Divina Royale

Divina Royale, the new VISCONTI collection has been inspired by those concepts of preciousness and timeless things.

The brilliant stones have made for years the decoration of all of the most precious jewels but so far they have never borrowed their sparkling reflexes to pens.

Visconti only has manufactured pens in real diamonds whose costs, obviously, do not render them affordable to all.

With the Divina Royale collection in Visconti crystals our ambition is to give everyone the chance to feel King for a day.

The workmanship of our craftsmen allowed us to insert more than 250 crystals that outline the famous gold spiral, uniting theme of the entire Divina collection.

The line we named Royale is available in fountain pen, roller ball and ballpoint in two colours – classic black and ‘’peau d’ange’’. Black represents the elegant classic colour, mainly masculine but suitable to businesswomen as well, while the other – angel-skin rose colour – is extremely feminine and therefore perfectly fits a… divine pen!

Divina Royale characteristics:

Collection: Fountain pen, Roller ball, Ballpoint

Available colours: Peau d’ Ange, Black

Nib: 14 Kt. 585 gold

Visconti crystals: fountain pen and roller ball 275 pieces, ballpoint 215 pieces


Visconti Florentia


Florence, cradle of the Renaissance, has always been considered one of the three most beautiful cities in Italy, alongside Rome and Venice. The city is well-known not only for its monuments, but also for its unique craftsmanship, for its taste for beauty and for the chaste elegance, typical Florentine.

The old prints and the Alinari Brothers’ photographs recall a 19th century city moving at a slower pace than today, but enjoying a cultural life and a life style that we remember with pleasure.

With a view to celebrate its city, Visconti cares to convey through the fountain pen and its special writing-case the artistic beauties like David, Ponte Vecchio or The Dome and aspires to recreate a special cultural atmosphere rendered unique by the hand-made paper the ink and the wax lacquer. All these ingredients are meant to bring to memory a time when in order to communicate one had to take a pen in hand, transfer the emotions of the moment on a sheet of hand made letter paper to be taken to the postal office, maybe by coach.

We are not talking therefore of an ordinary fountain pen, but of an entire world that Visconti wanted to build around it: the passage of time, the values residing in a dip of ink and in a piece of paper, which we may have lost forever.

Florentia Characteristics


Limited edition to 88 pcs

Material: Ivory- colour resin

Filling system: Double reservoir

Nib: 18 kt 750 gold

Artwork: Scrimshaw

Packaging: Florentine writing-case

Edvard Munch ‘’The Scream’’

Visconti Pen Edvard Munch fountain box

Throughout the 19th century there has been no artist to live to the very bottom with equal awareness the crisis of the Western conscience and culture. It is this awareness that allowed the artist to introduce himself into the new century as one of the main characters (protagonists) of a new desolated vision’’. Historical remarks and appeals, the ability to express common feelings by means of a mere fountain pen; once again Visconti becomes the interpreter of the common feeling and, driven by courage, styles a fountain pen inspired by what can be defined, without the shadow of a doubt, the most difficult moment in the history of the world economy - except for WWI and WWII - from the 20th century up to the present moment. A certain sense of anguish and a widespread sense of uncertainty, amplified by the media that trigger at an already staggering economy, pervades everyone. We must though look at the future with optimism and rationalism, leaving our fears to be depicted in Munch’ s paintings and when all this will have passed, we will smile upon looking at the scream here transposed.

Edvard Munch "The Scream" Characteristics

Tribute to Edvard Munch ‘’The Scream’’

Limited edition to 338 pieces

Material: Black resin

Metal parts: AG925 /silver

Nib: 14 kt 585

Filling system: Piston

Artwork: Drypoint engravings


Visocnti Templari

About 700 years ago with an infamous charge of heresy the Order of the Knight Templars was outlawed, the knights killed and their fortunes confiscated.

The Order, founded around the year 1118, ows its name to the Dome of the Rock, an Islamic sanctuary located in the whereabouts of the Biblical Temple of Jerusalem; the Templars used to call this Dome ‘‘Templum Domini’’

The Knight Templars are remembered for the economic and cultural development they had brought throughout Europe and they are still cited today as shining example of honesty utter devotion and faithfulness.

In the common iconography the Knight Templars represent the right thing that can only be destroyed by mere economical interests.

This fountain pen has been inspired by the legendary white robe with the red cross the Knight Templars used to wear.

Since they were a military order the metal trims of the pen were inspired by the iron and the steel and have been duly aged.

The seal bears a significant historical weight as well: it portrays two knights, symbol of poverty and of the duality monk –soldier.

Templar Characteristics:

Limited edition to 312 fountain pens

Material: ivory-colour resin

Artwork: aged filigree

Filling system: Double Reservoir Power Filler

Nib: 18 Kt. Gold nib F/M/B


Visconti Bible collection


Science and Ethic, Third Millennium and Secularism, Laicism and Religion, these are just some of the great themes of humanity which often compete among each other, opposing themselves.

Globalisation has enlarged this dichotomy: although at the end of the past century science and rationalism seemed to prevail, at least in all industrialised countries, throughout the third millennium, because of uncertainties mostly due to September 11th, religion has dramatically become more and more significant not only from the spiritual, but also and unfortunately from the conflict fostering point of view, which is a consequence of the establishment of the new multiethnic societies.

This chain of events has brought religion more and more at the centre of our lives, last but not least in our political perception too.

Visconti has always been very attentive in giving importance with its creations to aspects and themes that have impact, change or describe our life: this Limited Edition fountain pen collection is dedicated to all religions of the world and the name chosen to describe it is (not by chance) MYSTIC PENS.

The Bible, the most read and printed book of the world will give the start to this collection with two editions that reflect the two great religions linked to it: The Christianism and the Judaism.


This pen is turned into single resin ivory (coloured) bars and the cap has the same dimensions of the pen shaft. This choice reminds us to the partition in Old Testament (the pen body) and New Testament (the cap). In the shaft our artist has represented the story of the Old Testament according to its most significant scenes: Adam and Eve, Noah’s Arch, David and Goliath, Abraham and Isaac, Moses and the Decalogue, while on the cap we find scenes of Jesus’ life: His Birth, His Baptism, the Last Supper, and the Ascent to Heaven.

The head and blind cap, with their 10 lateral facets, remind us of the Decalogue- their form and the engraving in Hebrew on the blind cap recall the two stone tablets. The Holy Graal is hidden inside the blind cap and has the function of activating the Power Filler.

Painting Technique: entirely made in Florence and inspired by Dürer’s xylographies, it’s a PAINTED SCRIMSHAW which has never been performed before on a pen and it’s very rare on other objects being a very difficult technique.

According to this technique, resin is drypoint engraved, and then filled in with calcography ink and finally coloured, thanks to the fine artwork of CLAUDIO MAZZI.

The Christian Bible Characteristics

Limited Edition to 999 pens in vermeil silver (black painted scrimshaw)

Limited Edition to 199 rollers in vermeil silver (black painted scrimshaw)

Limited Edition to 99 pens in antique 750 gold (painted sepia scrimshaw)

Material: Ivory coloured resin

Pen Nib: 18 kt 750 with ivory feeder

Filling System: Power Filler

Artwork: Scrimshaw painted by Claudio Mazzi


The basic characteristics of this pen are naturally identical to the Christian Bible pen: the materials, the metals employed and the engraving of the Decalogue in Hebrew on the blind cap are the same.

The Christian edition is more Renaissance- related according to its painted designs, while the Jewish edition has a more ancient shape, in a way more solemn, in one word, more orthodox. Here we have matched the vermeil gold to the sepia colour, the antique gold to platinum and silver to classical grey lead.

The engraving technique is a typical SCRIMSHAW- firstly, the resin is dry engraved and the spaces are filled by calligraphy ink. After the drying phase the exceeding ink is removed with a very fine glass paper and then hand polished

The entire work is entirely done internally by our best engravers.

In the shaft our artists have represented the story of the Old Testament with its most significant images: Adam and Eve, Noah’s Arch, David and Goliath, Abraham and Isaac, Moses and the Decalogue, while on the cap we have represented the prayer in front of the Wailing Wall, a very important spiritual moment.

The Temple, is so sacred to the Jewish people, is hidden inside the pen. You can find it by unscrewing the blind cap and it has the function of activating the filling system.

The Jewish Bible Characteristics

Limited Edition to 999 fountain pens in sterling silver (black scrimshaw)

Limited Edition to 199 rollers in sterling silver (black scrimshaw)

Limited Edition to 99 fountain pens in antique gold 750 (sepia scrimshaw)

Material: Ivory coloured resin

Pen Nib: 18 kt 750 with ivory feeder

Filling System : Power Filler

Artwork : Classical Scrimshaw



Founded in 421 A.D., Venice is without a shadow of a doubt a masterpiece of nature, consolidated along 400 years of barbaric invasions and not just projected by some architect’s hand.

Throughout the 7th century A.D. Venice, a Sea Republic, has represented the main connection between East and West. This position highly contributed to its cultural development, allowing Venice to become one of the finest cities in Europe and later on during the Renaissance one of the most influential on the art, the architecture and the literature of the time.

After almost one thousand years of complete independence, on May 12, 1797, the doge Ludovico Manin and the High Council were constrained to abdicate. Napoleon consequently proclaimed the Temporary Government of the Town and yielded Venice to the Austro – Hungarian Empire.

In 1866 Venice joined the Reign of Italy. This annexation was enforced the same year by the October 21 plebiscite with a favourable electorate vote of 99.9%.

After 2009’s Florentia fountain pen Visconti pays tribute to another great Italian town – Venice: not only an icon of our Made in Italy but also a destination loved by millions of visiting tourists each year.

The Venetia limited edition fountain pen is a masterpiece of symbols and icons; it will make you live an emotion: you will feel Venice and its world right there, in your hands: the canals, the gondolas, the bridges, the characterizing windows.

Aware of having recreated the Venetian atmosphere in this work of art, Visconti warmly invites you to visit the wonderful Venice.

Venetia Silver Characteristics

Limited edition to 421 fountain pens worldwide

Black resin and Silver 925 filigree

Converter filling system 

Palladium 23Kt.950 Dreamtouch nib one tone

Venetia Vermeil Characteristics

Visconti venetia vermeil

Limited edition to 99 fountain pens worldwide;

Blue bronze Acryloid and vermeil Filigree

Converter filling system

Palladium 23Kt.950 Dreamtouch nib in two tones